20 Lists Titles
After Effects CC17 Project
After Effects CC17 Project - 20 Lists Titles
Main Features:

  • 4K 3840×2160, 25 fps
  • "In" and "Out" animation
  • Change duration moving markers
  • Text elements auto resized with text changes
  • Works with any fonts - Easy and detailed customization
  • Change duration moving markers
  • No plug ins required
  • PDF Help

Music from preview here
Text boxes and elements will autoscaled to your text, so customization takes minutes. Duration of titles ruled by markers – just move it to set In and Out point. Very flexible project, you can change all colors, make elements flat or gradient. May be used as titles in modern corporate presentation, movie titles, bright intro, lower thirds, video reel titles, infographics typography, even as a logo. Just be creative!
Recommended projects:

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